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Founded in June of 2004, The Beach Group, LLC is a fund-raising consulting and executive search firm whose mission is to assist nonprofit organizations in securing their long term future. Our strategy is to build upon a tradition of high quality, coupled with a spirit of innovation and a commitment to honor the mission and vision of the clients we serve.












  • Development Operation Assessment and Analysis

  • Leadership Assessment and Development Operation Audit

  • Campaign Engagement Assessment

  • Campaign Management

  • Prospect Research

  • Development Counsel

  • Executive Search

  • Strategic Planning









All nonprofits today face two major challenges: intense competition for philanthropic support and resources, and intense competition for qualified development officers. The outcomes of these challenges are difficult to predict, but they suggest a compelling direction for The Beach Group, LLC.


The Beach Group, LLC is committed to helping you achieve your fund-raising capacities.

We assist our nonprofit clients in securing their long-term future by working with them in the development of their fund-raising capacities.


We do this by learning the organization—its goals, strengths and needs—working to put a fund-raising plan in place and marshalling the resources to make the plan a reality.

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